About Us

Eii was founded in 2013, is committed to becoming the world's leading one-stop hardware solutions service provider. Headquartered in Shenzhen, we provide one-stop services such as hardware solution design  ODM / IDH<UNK>, DMS  PCB design, PCB manufacturing, device procurement and PCBA) to global customers.
Eii has accumulated rich R & D and product experience in hardware design, high-speed PCB signal simulation and design, audio and video technology. And Intel (Intel) (Microsoft), Microsoft, Rock Chip and other upstream partners, And PCB, PCBA, mold and other hardware manufacturing enterprises to establish a close cooperative relationship, combined with independent research and development of information technology to create a unique R & D and supply chain vertical integration management system. Help customers complete product development from EVT / DVT / PVT, small batch verification to mass supply. In 2017, more than 1 million units of PCBA equipped with INTEL processors were shipped.
In the past 9 years, Eii has been recognized by many high-tech enterprise customers all over the world. Its hardware solutions and DMS manufacturing services have been widely used in AI artificial intelligence hardware, Windows office tablet and notebook computer, industrial control, security, medical, education, networking and other fields.


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